7 Reasons Why Coworking is Good for Your Business

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7 Reasons Why Coworking is Good for Your Business

Ever wondered about coworking and how it might affect your business growth? Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up our top 7 reasons why many small-medium business owners find that using a coworking space has been really good for business!


1. Collaboration

There’s no better place than a coworking space to meet like-minded and talented individuals. We all know that synergy that happens when you meet a co-creative that complements your work; and suddenly the sum is better than its parts!

A graphic designer and copywriter partnership, an artist and marketing genius, an e-commerce site owner and video producer; coworking spaces are the best and most natural environment to get to know potential collaborators. We’ve witnessed many magical partnerships blossom as a result of the community that exists here.

collaborative working

2. Productivity

We all love working sat across from the fridge… for about a week! And then suddenly that blessing becomes a curse as it becomes far too tempting to reach for yet another snack. Not to mention the temptation of the TV, the urge to get the laundry started, a request from a friend for a favour.

Our Workhouse members have told us time and again that their productivity levels went through the roof once they got out of the house and started using a dedicated work space. Just ask Anna, a graphic designer at Workhouse who found her productivity whilst coworking doubled!

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3. A Professional Space to Meet Clients in

If you’ve got a potential or current client to wow, then using our meeting rooms is a great place to welcome them. We’re conveniently located, professional and there’s free tea or coffee available for your meetings. Create a good impression – and win new business!

4. More Motivation

We all know that Monday mornings can sometimes be tough, even when you work for yourself. There’s something about being surrounded by other driven individuals, though, that helps get your head in the right space to work.

5. Coffee on Tap!

coworking coffee
Always a bonus – and it’s good coffee, too J


6. Getting Dressed and Out of the House

This signals to yourself – but also to friends and family – that you’re taking your business seriously. It helps create a separation between work and life, a line that gets blurred all too easily with small business owners and entrepreneurs.


7. Increased Networking Opportunities

Whether it’s in the kitchen on a break or at one of the evening events we host at Workhouse, there are some fantastic opportunities to network in a natural and comfortable way, earning yourself the chance to win new business and referrals.

Want to see how coworking could help you grow your business? Get in touch and we’ll set you up for your free coworking trial day.

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