Companies at Workhouse One

Companies at Workhouse One

Companies at Workhouse One

Workhouse One is based in the heart of Old Street. The Old Street area is a key hub for technology start ups so these companies typically wish to work amongst their peers for both collaborative and networking perspectives.

Workhouse One’s key mantra is fantastic workspaces for your company to work from at an affordable rent and with flexible contract terms.

What Kind of Company Works at Workhouse One?

We typically house startups and SMEs ranging from one man bands to companies of 25-30 people and companies operating in all types of disciplines with a focus towards technology startups.

A handful of our high growth technology companies include:

  • Kite – a photo sharing app
  • Brick Lane – a technology funds platform for property ISAs
  • Running Bug – a social network for runners which has grown to a million users over the last 3 years.
  • Bit Game Labs – a crypto currency gaming company. Users can play games on their platform using bitcoin.

How Does Workhouse One Connect Businesses?

We endeavour to create meaningful business connections for our members and introductions to investors. We have seen the following success stories over the last year.

  • Running Bug has grown from 4 people to 10 people over 3 years at Workhouse One and was recently acquired by Sports Direct.
  • Kite has grown from 8 to 24 people over the last 2 years and has been recently acquired by Canon.

How Flexible is Working at Workhouse One?

We also allow businesses at Workhouse One to scale up and down to allow them to have control over their rent costs. We also have a range of flexible desk options. Companies can use our flexible co working space- with the option of full time desks or part-time hot desks.

Part time hot desks allow 10 days usage a month. Further, when companies expand we have a number of different private offices from 6 person to 20 person.

Interested? Check out our service pages for more details on all our shared desk and private office options!

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