“Twice as Productive!” Here’s Why Coworking Beats Working from Home or a Coffee Shop

coworking more productive

“Twice as Productive!” Here’s Why Coworking Beats Working from Home or a Coffee Shop

coworking at workhouseAfter quitting her job and going freelance, graphic designer Anna worked from home for the first 3 months and was initially thrilled at the lack of commute, the ability to take client calls in her pyjamas, and the proximity to the fridge. Working from home felt dreamy!

But – like so many freelancers we speak to – the novelty soon wore off. The lines between work and home soon started to blur, and there seemed to be no clear distinction between the two, leaving her feeling unproductive, overwhelmed and creatively stifled.

Working from home was one big distraction

“There was always laundry to be done, an interruption from the postman, the distraction of the fridge,” she says. Her experience is pretty common, and one of the reasons we hear over and over for freelancers, start-ups and creatives choosing coworking over home-based working. “I felt like I spent my life at home, and I started to feel claustrophobic and uninspired.”

In addition, Anna’s friends and family didn’t seem to take her seriously when she worked from home. “They always seemed to think I would be available at the drop of a hat if my niece needed babysitting, or a last-minute errand needed running.” Amazingly, these issues disappeared once she began working at Workhouse.

coworking more productive

Everyone began taking me more seriously!

“Watching me leave and return from the office everyday meant there was a complete shift in perception about what I was doing. Suddenly everyone began to take me and my business seriously – including myself!”

We founded Workhouse for this very reason. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to stay positive and inspired when you’re at the kitchen table with your family and pets running around. Even if you’ve got your own dedicated office room at home, it can be hard to stay inspired and focused when it’s just you and four walls. The simple act of getting dressed and getting out of the house can really up your business game.

“Twice as productive at Workhouse”

coworking coffee
“I’m definitely twice as productive since joining Workhouse,” Anna tells us.

“It’s a great place to meet clients, take calls and get down to work. Being around others who are making creative work their livelihood is really inspiring, plus I’ve met some really cool people and am starting to see referrals from members there.

There’s no espresso machine grinding in the background like there is in Starbucks – and there’s free (good) coffee on tap if and when I want it. It’s perfect!”

Anna is one of our Workhouse members who has really seen the positive effects of getting out of the house and using a coworking space, and she’s experiencing rapid business growth as a result.

If you’d like to see if coworking could have the same results for you, come and enjoy a day at Workhouse on the house. Get in touch and we’ll set you up for your free trial day today.

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