The A-Z of Co working in London

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The A-Z of Co working in London

Curious about Co Working in London? Here’s the 411 – or rather A-Z!

A – An Affordable Alternative…

…To sitting in a coffee shop and buying expensive lattes, or renting an office space. Co working is the flexible option that fits around your projects, preferred work schedule and budget.

B – Break out rooms for creativity

Sometimes a change in environment is just what you need in order to kick start your creativity and thought process.


C – Community!

As a freelancer, you might not have colleagues in the traditional sense, but co working can bring a feeling of belonging to something bigger than just you (and the cat.)

D – Design

Most co working spaces are designed to be inspiring and productive. No soulless cubicles or artificial light in sight!

E – East London

East London is home to a number of co working spaces for good reason – its buzzing entrepreneurial and self-starting scene means it’s the perfect place to bring together a group of likeminded workers.

F – Freelancers (& more)
You’ll find a tonne of freelancers using co working spaces to get their best work done – but it’s not just solo workers that find benefit from the space. A lot of remote workers or contractors also find that co working spaces are a more productive and preferred alternative to working from home or a coffee shop.

G – Growth opportunities

Networking, collaborations, referrals; you’ll find there’s plenty of chance for growth in your business when you surround yourself by other go-getters.

H – Hot Desks

Keep life interesting by taking your laptop and coffee to a different desk each day! If you prefer to sit in the same spot, many co working spaces allow this option, or offer private offices for you to rent, too.

I – Inspiration

Just working in a well thought-out and nicely designed space can keep things inspiring, but so too can meeting other cool folk, hearing about their businesses and celebrating their wins and successes.

J – Jobs

Through collaboration and networking, you might just find your next contract or job!

K – Kitchens

Bring a packed lunch and heat it up in the microwave – most co working spaces offer amenities such as a kitchen to make working out of the house as comfortable as possible.

L – London

Did you know… London has the most co working spaces in Europe!

M – Meeting Rooms

For welcoming clients, taking calls or just to get your team’s heads together, most co working spaces have a meeting room for you to hire as part of your membership.

N – Networking

In the kitchen at coffee time or at an event after work!

O – Office space

If you don’t like the idea of hot desking and would prefer a more permanent office, but on a flexible contract, then look into co working spaces that offer private office space – like Workhouse One’s furnished office space in East London.

P – Productivity

Many co working space members report a massive jump in productivity once they start working out of the house, making any cost to be a member a very worthwhile investment indeed!
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Q – Quick Internet

Due to the nature of its members’ work, most co working spaces use really speedy internet. Get more done, faster!

R – Receptionist

Some co working spaces will have a receptionist to ensure a lovely morning welcome, that everything runs smoothly and a really great impression for your clients.

S – Silicon Roundabout (& Shoreditch!)

Being the centre of London’s tech scene, it’s no surprise that there are a few co working spaces in Silicon Roundabout, including Workhouse One. Shoreditch and Hoxton are close by, two London neighbourhoods that have a creative and entrepreneurial buzz.
Shoreditch co working

T – Tea

Had too much coffee? Time for a tea. Provided for free at most co working spaces.

U – UK

The co working scene has really taken off in the UK, and since 2006, the amount of co working spaces here have roughly doubled year on year.

V – Value for Money

Given the price of a latte these days, co working spaces can be an affordable alternative to sitting in coffee shops and can really offer great value for money. With flexible options such as pay as you go or one day a week, you can likely find an option that works for you and your budget.

W – Workhouse One!

Want to experience a day of co working with no obligation or £? We offer a free trial day here at Workhouse One – just send us an email and we’ll set you up!

X – Xcellent Coffee

Because we know that for many creatives and business owners, caffeine is your life blood!


Y – Young and Old

Despite common perceptions, co working is not just for 20-something hipsters. Members of co working spaces are of all ages, backgrounds and industries.

Z – Zazzy 

Ok, ok, so finding the letter Z wasn’t easy! However, Zazzy means Energetic and Stylish, which is how we think you’ll feel once you start getting out of the house and using a co working space of your own.

If you’re in London and want to try a cool East London coworking space for a day, get in touch and we’ll set you up with a free trial day at Workhouse.







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